The Firseid Sandbox

Adventures in dealing elven stink weed

in which people go missing and we look for them

We have finally arrived in Latani, after what felt like way too much time squabbling on the road and not enough time exploring the surroundings and enjoying the scenery. I personally couldn’t wait to complete this side mission with the elven stink weed and get on to something less shady and stinking of corruption. I was tired of hearing the caravan driver/drug dealer make excuses for himself, although that wasn’t really a problem anymore due to circumstances which rendered him unable to speak. The silence was truly a relief. I’m getting off track though, because we also got rid of our shady employer that we probably didn’t need anyway and that was the biggest relief.

There was ambivalence about how to best transport this caravan into town without drawing too much attention – a result of multiple entrances and different opinions on what mattered most. Niowyn and I somehow came to be in charge of getting the drugs to…well, we weren’t quite sure. We snuck around through the side of the city and were unsuccessful in identifying the buyers at such a late hour. We were, however, approached by shadowy figures in the night with further directions.

No sooner did we get rid of the goods than we were approached by the Welcome Wagon of Latani – a kid who was under the impression that we were awesome and under the misimpression that he could perform magic. I was not certain that we should be going with a stranger on what seemed like a set-up for another random adventure, but what else did we have to do, right? He convinced us to come with him and that there was a place waiting in town for us. This was a bit of an overstatement in that we approached a shady looking house, filled with items that someone had clearly been hoarding – for what purpose is anyone’s guess. Niowyn was helpful in verifying to myself and the other party members that while these items were indeed magical, no one in this house actually practiced magic, but rather illusions and demonstrated reliance on magical items to appear as if a magical practitioner. After sitting through stories of grand experiences and lofty ideas, it finally came out that we would indeed serve a purpose for this kid and his substitute magic mentor. The one who taught this kid everything he knows (what is questionable) went missing on what was a routine wandering without keeping anyone informed and it was crucial that we a.) help find him and b.) figure out what had caused a lag in his usual turnaround time for wandering missions.

Oh yeah and we wandered around in panic looking for Nester even though he wasn’t lost but also because he couldn’t be bothered to communicate his plans with the team!


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