The Firseid Sandbox

Fleetfeet's Log

In which our heroine explains the importance of crumpets in proper adventuring

Dear Cousin Bekith,

It turns out that humans are even weirder than you warned me. Not only do they call their crime lords Baker, but then they turn out to actually BE bakers, and also called Mister even though I understand that title should only apply to male humans. They are very confusing.

Does it count as baking if you use magic to summon things? Food things? No matter how tasty and warm they are, I think it is only baking if you actually bake things, not create already-baked things out of thin air. They really should call her Ms. Wizard for accuracy.

But the important part is that after reaching the big stoney face that we were told to go to, we had a nice, warm, scrumptious breakfast before going into an old castle full of ghosts. It is much easier to face ghosts after you have scones. This castle had fallen down into the ground so we were on the top floor only it was the BASEMENT and there was art and a library and stuff, and the human’s old King was there and he was a GHOST and I was very surprised at how sleepy ghosts get.

We spoke with King Arcus and he was pretty nice even for being a ghost because I thought they were supposed to be mean and spooky and stuff and he was mostly just drowsy and told us that he couldn’t wander around the castle like he used to so we went to go look for his wizard who probably knows more about wizardy spelly stuff only we couldn’t find him and the dwarf who lives next to him gave us a nice big hammer for hurting other ghosts with and there was this really really cool song coming from another room but then something tried to EAT US while we listened to it and I liked the song a lot more than the being eaten part.

We were looking around the castle which went down into MORE basement parts and a gooey thing tried to eat my friend’s leg and there were locked doors so we wanted to look for a key and the dwarf said it might be downstairs in the servant’s quarters but instead there were ZOMBIES that also tried to eat us and what IS it with all the eating things?!? And then there was a GIANT SPIDER and I got caught in its web and it tried to eat me in particular and now I feel pretty bad for flies.

So now we are in this SUPER-BASEMENT of the castle looking for keys so we can look at the rest of the castle and try and figure out why the ghosts can’t walk around any more because we’re nice and want to fix ghosts’ problems even though it seems to be taking a while and we might want to just go to the sewers to find the bad guy we want to find anyway. But it’s always worth taking a bit of extra time to help people, even if they’re dead, because that’s not their fault.

Hugs ‘n’ kisses,


jonspatton jonspatton

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