The Firseid Sandbox

In which Fleetfeet recounts the latest exploits

Dear Auntie Forsythia,

Desna bless your travels! With my feet on the road once again I started thinking of you. I have been having such a fun time lately.

First we met this really really really old goblin lady and she was some sort of special magic thing because she had this tree that was here both in here-here and in the ethereal plane if you drank the right tea. But then she got mad at me for casting a simple spell and they ran away and said they would meet us in Ketan because we’re going there next maybe.

So we went home to Letani and reincarnated our friend Irrealis, who was very happy to no longer be dead! She also came back as a man, which seems like so much fun! She must be very happy to have such a different perspective on her second life. Lia seems very upset about it though. Maybe she had a crush on girl-Irrealis? Elves confuse me.

And then my good friend Clarise came all the way from Freiburg. She was very happy to see us and spoke loudly and waved her arms a lot! Desna has recently granted me access to the Sending spell and I have been using it to keep my friends aware of the news and how good I am at counting to 25.

Pauley, Irrealis’ husband, also seemed very happy to see her again. He must have been very upset to hear the she died. I am glad I can help make so many people so happy.

We decided to finally go on another journey and this time we went around Freiburg and we saw our good friends the magic rats but then we found a very sad village that had been all destroyed by both a big boney monster thing and a goblin horde. What are the chances!! We are following the road towards Ketan and looking for more signs of big-boney-monster-destruction (it’s a very specific type of destruction that you have to be an amazing adventurer like myself to notice the exact signs of). We think Ketan might have another big boney death monster because of it being another site of old old old stuff which is apparently causing big destructive monsters these days. That seems like a bad thing, so we are looking into it. In the mean time, you should probably avoid antiques shops, just for safety.

Love and kisses,


jonspatton lexabear

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