The Firseid Sandbox

Trouble right here in everywhere.

in which it is recommended that you run, but to where is the question.


Luckily I was able to procure a fresh copy of our preferred book for securing messages, My last one, was , unfortunately, lost
along with my horse.

I know you always told me to keep close eye on my horse, unfortunately supersized ogres and earth elementals make that a rather untenable position and I was forced to leave the horse and much of my personal belongings behind. I now keep out code book sewn into a pocket near my heart.

or stomach.

One of those organs.

anyway, Letani is on the verge of being overrun by goblins and cyclopses while a giant monster of unknown origin is rampaging outside Freiburg. Goblins seem to be taking advantage of the situation and attacking survivors of the attacks.

While I’m not inclined to trust the scarlet order, they are surely a whineybunch. You accidentally bring one back to life as the wrong gender and they can’t help but whine about it for weeks. I swear one of these days they’re going to have to get over themselves and live in the real world.


jonspatton jonspatton

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