Aeval, the Huntress


Aeval is a lesser Faerie Queen, whose domains are animals. Her primary powers lie in shapeshifting, the magic for which relies on the principal that the essence of an item can never change but only its physical form. She is respected and sometimes even revered by shapeshifters. Her magic is slow acting but with enough time can become immensely powerful. She is often an ally of Titania and this occasionally puts her at odds with Oberon.

She has a particular fondness for wolves and has been known to assume the form of a wolf on occasion. She is better known in the material plane for her sexual appetites, and has been known to convince mortal men to dwell with her in Faerie as part of her “retinue.” She has a fondness for hunting and the fruits thereof.

Aeval also has some talent to compel other powerful beings in Faerie through the use of a ritual that converts the talents and memories of mortals into powerful mind-affecting magic.


Aeval, the Huntress

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