Arcus I ("Old Stoneface")


King Arcus was named “Old Stoneface” for his chiseled features. He is often depicted as youthful but strong, with a square jaw and green eyes.


The founder of the Middle Kingdom, King Arcus I united the feifdoms surrounding Freiburg in the year 1237. Freiburg was merely a keep surrounded by farmland during his rein. Arcus’s most famous exploits are recounted in Arcus: Birth of a King by the historian Tallismio, though other historians have doubted the veracity of some of his claims. The most popular local legends are of his band of knights, the Scarlet Guard, a band of fifty elite warriors who performed deeds of great valor in the king’s name. Of particular note is that many of these warriors were mages and sorcerers from a time in the Middle Kingdom’s past where they shared culture more closely with the Northern Reaches (and in Arcus’s case, direct descent from the druids).

Arcus I ("Old Stoneface")

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