Leader of the rat kingdom under old Freiburg


Cheep-Screech is a fearsome mousey I mean ratty tactician! Smaller than his fellow rats but much wilier!

Cheep-Screech, like nearly all the “other” rats in his kingdom was awakened by the Druid Ferso Jaufrey and magically granted long life to rebel against their keeper, the mad witch Zecksis. When the rats escaped from Zecksis’s “care,” they formed a band of thieves in the tunnels below Freiburg, robbing from the rich and keeping most of it for themselves.

Cheep-Screech’s story

“Many years ago, I and many of my companions were part of a woodland army magically controlled by the mad witch Zecksis. She trained us to fight for her like we were her familiars, and kept us in cages in this cavern and scattered around her house, which was in the woods above this cavern. Many of us lived and died without ever knowing any freedom, and we were compelled to do unspeakable things at her command.

But one day, a powerful druid, Ferso Jaufrey, was travelling to Freiburg and discovered us. He did not believe he was powerful enough to destroy the witch on his own, but he thought he could level the playing field if we rats were able to organize and lead our own rebellion, so he snuck among the cages at night, and cast Awaken on me and some of the other animals. Unfortunately, after a few days, he was caught by one of the witch’s alarms, and a spectacular battle ensued — lightning tore the trees asunder, fire scorched the underbrush, creatures of all sorts were summoned from the planes and destroyed, but the witch’s poisoned blade sickened and killed Jaufrey.

But I and my lieutenants trained ourselves and our army in secret in the months that followed, and one night, we picked the cage locks, and swarmed into Zecksis’s house while she slept and attacked her.

We were successful, but with her dying breath, she cursed me with a Gaes that regardless of my new intelligence, I would still be a thieving rat. So here I am — the king of thieves, at your service. The others remain with me for safety and out of loyalty, but I am compelled to take something from you for passing into my realm. Some day, I may amass enough coin to break this curse."



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