Ciulio the Collector

A collector of rare artifacts from Arasha


Ciulio is an old Arashan aristocrat.

Ciulio stands a mere 5’4", and wears subdued clothing for an Arashan, which is to say that he would be considered flamboyant in Frieburg or the northern lands. He keeps his beard trim but grows his gray hair long.

He was for many years a trusted advisor in the Guild of Merchants of Arasha, a powerful governing body throughout the southeastern lands, and owned a fleet of trade vessels that ferried goods from the Walookian volcanic mines to Freiburg. Stone carried on his ships at the beginning of his merchant career rebuilt the mayoral palace in Freiburg after the war with Kxal, and his father commanded a band of mercenaries on the side of Freiburg in the war, which earned his family trade concessions from the Middle Kingdom. He also owned a good deal of farm land on Arasha’s outskirks that was purchased by the Merchant’s academy in Arasha for an extravagant sum; after that sale he retired.

In his later years, he has taken to sailing the world in search of rare artifacts. He is rumored to possess some powerful items, such as those capable of casting fireballs, and a ring that allows its wearer to walk unseen, but the objects on display in his house tend to be simply the more pedestrian gold and silver objets d’art that the wealthy flaunt, so these may simply be rumors meant to discredit him with his political opponents, who are likely to be less tolerant of magic than the average Arashan.

Ciulio hired Arktos and Shane to retrieve a Staff from the northern wastes. After the adventure, he returned to Arasha, but he has been missing for several months, since just before thieves burgled his house (though it is not known exactly what was taken), and left no word with his household when he would return. They have begun to fear the worst.


Ciulio the Collector

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