The ghost of cookie appears as a middle aged woman with a love of potatoes.


Cookie wears a white apron over a cornflower blue dress and has the particular face of a woman who is well-nourished but constantly worrying about little details. As she moves about the kitchen, she only seems to have two speeds: Full-tilt and deliberate, careful movements (mostly around the cutlery). She also seems to have a knack for doing three things at once with both of her hands.

And she’s very handy with a knife, when you get right down to it.


Cookie joined the staff of King Arcus from a young age and was brought up in the kitchens. At age 25, she was promoted to chef and stayed with the king, then his family, until her death, at which time she chose to join the king as one of his most loyal retainers in the afterlife.


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