Eldum, Paladin of the Innumerable

World-famous diplomat, and a Paladin of legendary might


Str fairly good Dex clumsy Con tough Wis wise Int meh Cha very good

AC: Mithril full plate of comfort Tower Shield

Attack: Holy avenger, brilliant light sometimes when attacking

Lay on Hands

HP = tough

Skill checks: Diplomacy yes, know hist yes


Eldum can stay with the party only for a few days, then he must ride north back to the capital to take charge of tough negotiations with the Northmen Tribes over their recent settlement in northern Freiburg holdings.

He is a debonair man in his mid to late forties with a handlebar moustache. He never removes his armor. He wears a tiny helmet that grants him a considerable charisma bonus, but he is extremely charming even without it. His manner is gentlemanly but stiff and militaristic. He has made a few xenophobic comments. He also seems very taken with Fiona, sometimes ignoring others when talking to her.

Though effective in combat, he does not seem to be a great tactician. He most likely rose through the ranks on charm and diplomacy rather than skill.

Eldum, Paladin of the Innumerable

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