Havux the Collector

A young moss dragon


Nicknamed “Mossy Face” by Fleetfeet after telling the puny humanoids that they couldn’t say his real name, which isn’t actually that difficult to say.

Havux is a young moss dragon, a somewhat rare breed of dragon that inhabits the northwestern forests. Moss Dragons tend to be neutral, playful, and (though dangerous like any other dragon) fond of conversation, and Havux is no exception. Though some moss dragons tend to me more animalistic in their habits, Havux wants to be just like a “real dragon” when he grows up and have a big treasure hoard and a lair all his own. He cultivates semi-intelligent fungi, slimes, and molds in his spare time and likes to be near sources of water.

Havux agreed to help the party fight the undead in the undercroft in exchange for half the loot.


Havux the Collector

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