Irieatis the Bard

A famous bard and adventurer


Most often seen in pubs wearing her dusty adventuring gear, wide-brimmed leather hat, rapier, and whip.


Irieatis the Bard is a famous orator, oral historian, and adventurer, reknowned throughout the continent for her ceaseless adventuring and daring-do. She has spent years wandering in search of rare magic items and ancient history, and her tendency to show up in local pubs afterward and entertain the crowd (complete with spectacular special effects courtesy of her magic) has earned her considerable love of the populace of every kingdom. She was also briefly a speech-giver for King Arcus IV several years ago, which makes her quite well-known in the Middle Kingdom.

Irieatis makes her home in Latani, but little is known of her private life. She has taken on several students in recent years, most recently Sam “the Magnificent”, and a local merchant, Quijo, frequently manages her household in her absence.

Irieatis had recently gone missing; usually she checks at home in via sending every week, but she has not been heard from in three weeks.

The party discovered irieatis’s body, crushed under a cave-in, in the barrows in the Dead Pines. They recovered her body shortly before being chased out by The Dust Swarm, and subsequently “revived” her with the reincarnation spell … unfortunately, though she came back as a human, she is now a he.

Irieatis the Bard

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