King Arcus IV

High King of the Middle Kingdom, Ruler of Lachherth, King of the Lakes, Warden of the Marches, Protector of the Central Coast, Defender of the Freemen


King Arcus is unstriking in his appearance: medium build, medium height, brown hair, and dark blue eyes. His dress is not ostentatious, but of clearly extraordinary quality. He wears a chain of white gold around his neck and a simple ring with a sapphire on his right index finger. His footwear of choice is a set of riding boots


King Arcus IV, twenty-seventh heir of the line of King Arcus I, conqueror of the middle kingdom, came to power in 2958 at the exceptionally young age of 8. The Throne in Lachherth boasts one of the largest and most powerful militaries on Letania, considerable trade influence, and holds the lands that form the “Breadbasket of Letania,” the marches from Latani in the south to Knightrest in the north.

The king presides over a protection agreement with the Freemen of the Northern Reaches, a loose confederation of men and elves to the northwest of the Middle Kingdom. This agreement was reached in 2962 and has proved to be a strong alliance.

For the first ten years of his kingship, the kingdom was ruled by a steward, and power was decentralized to the surrounding cities. For the last decade, King Arcus IV has attempted to shift power back to the throne, but social “progress,” particularly in Freiburg, has made this a difficult process. The king has maintained good relations with the mayors but seems a bit more frosty toward mayor Ashby.

King Arcus is unmarried, but is betrothed to the Arashan Princess Marita, who despite coming of age two years ago has refused to take part in the arranged marriage. Arcus, curiously, has respected her wishes, much to the chagrin of the public and to the confusion of the king’s court.

The king is fond of participating in military exercises, though he has never commanded troops in battle.

It is rumored that his childhood tutor was the great Captain Vincenti, the famous seafaring explorer, who was a great friend of Arcus’s father King Reyus VI. However, the king insists that the captain was merely his personal bodyguard.

Is known to command fierce loyalty from his closest advisers and cabinet ministers, many of whom were elevated above their family’s station. This has made him popular with the public despite his attempts to roll back some of the social progress of the last few decades.

King Arcus IV

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