Leoben "Leo" Droverson the Merchant

A traveling merchant


Leo the merchant is a slightly chubby human gentleman who tends to dress in brocade and suede, but upon close inspection his clothing reveals the dust and dirt of long days on the road, and not the comfortable lifestyle of a wealthy city merchant as he would like to project. Although he is shrewd in his dealings with money, he is slightly too trusting of peoples’ motives in general.

Leo deals primarily in silver and trinkets picked up in towns along the Arasha—Freiburg route. The Droverson family has a great number of merchants, but Leo seems to be one of the less successful members of his family, at least at the moment. The party recently discovered that his delivery from Freiburg to Letani is a hallucinogenic plant that is illegal in many areas of the middle kingdom. The party has still agreed to escort him safely to Letani, and his daily pay is still good.

Leo was murdered in his hotel room the day after making a delivery, apparently poisoned. He was also naked.


Leoben "Leo" Droverson the Merchant

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