Lord Mayor Ian Ashby

Lord Mayor of Frieburg, Protector of the Central Plains, Warden of the Western Forests, and General of the Sourthern Reaches


Ian Ashby rose to prominence three decades ago as the youthful head of one of Freiburg’s most important shipping companies, the Four Winds. His father founded the shipping company and had soon amassed a great fortune for the Ashby family.

Ian took over for his father shortly after his twenty-third birthday, having displayed great mathematical talent at University. Under his management, the Four Winds developed a monopoly on all trade along the Freya River, and it was during his tenure that the pirates in the Arashan sea were finally quelled and driven away from the Mouth of Letania, which earned him considerable favor from both the throne in Lachherth and the Arashan court.

Since his first election as Lord Mayor twelve years ago, Freiburg has progressed considerably socially, expanding its commitment to universal education and seeing an increase in the presence and tolerance of foreign nations and nonhuman races, although the city’s monetary policy is sometimes considered loose-fisted by the crown.

In reality, Lord Mayor Ashby wields more power than King Arcus IV. His commitment to pressing this point is no more evident than in the opulence with which he has decorated the Lord Mayor’s Palace, already a considerably impressive example of Classical Letanian architecture: His gardens have become world famous, and several exotic species of plants are maintained in open air by nearly constant magical temperature control. The palace interior was nearly rebuilt with Arashan Oceanstone and Ketani marble work. He has also used his family fortune to fill the palace with some of the greatest works of art from throughout the continent.

Being allowed to roam freely on the grounds of the Lord Mayor’s palace is a pleasure and a privilege that would satisfy even the most world-weary travelers.

Lord Mayor Ian Ashby

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