Lyr Tallismo

The historian and magician Tallismo is a wizened old man in blue robes.


Lyr Tallismo appears as a wizened old man with spectacles and a pointed cap in blue robes. He seems distracted and whenever he picks something up to examine it, he puts it down whereever he finishes with it, so his surroundings are constantly in disarray. A ghostly owl sits on his shoulder and hoots at people occasionally; however, Tallismo himself is not a ghost. The party recently learned that he is actually a Djinn, using magic to disguise himself.


Tallismo was the court wizard of King Arcus but has become much more famous as a historian, chronicling the early Middle Kingdom’s rise to power and unification. Some modern scholars have advanced the theory that his name was simply the name given to all historians and bards in the early middle kingdom, because original chronicles have never been found and his work spans centuries, far too long a span of time for a human, which he is always claimed to be.

As a wizard, Tallismo’s legacy is the development of exceptional spells for defense and the diffusing of tense situations, and in many of the Arcus legends where he appears, he plays the role of peacemaker, a foil to a hotheaded warlike character. The wizard’s college in Freiburg (The Lyricum) is named after him. In some alternate legends, he is depicted as a bard, though these legends are rarer.

As a historian, Tallismo is the father of the modern concept of history in human civilizations. Works bearing his name are strictly chronicles with little embellishment, and frequently honest even when painting the rulers as fallible. The use of legend as history was never fully replaced by this type of history, however.

Lyr Tallismo

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