Magus Colin

A haughty mage from Illanea, living in Stonewatch


Colin’s most distinguishing feature — besides his haughty attitude and fine clothing — is a long moustache worn in the style of some Katani monks.


The scion of a wealthy aristocrat from Illanea, Magus Colin studied at the mage’s college there and earned a degree in the history of enchantments. He has a keen interest in creatures with inherent magical properties, and hence moved his home (a hovel on the outside — but a palace on the inside) to Stonewatch several years ago to study the fae in greater detail. Unfortunately, his distaste for adventuring and danger have meant that he spends far more time making astronomical observations and reading books in his study than furthering the knowledge in his field. With increased political pressure from Freiburg making even Stonewatch occasionally taking a dim view of arcane magic, he rarely even ventures into town anymore.

Magus is a member of the Scarlett order, one of two in the area of Stonewatch.

Magus Colin

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