Queen Renee's ghost

Isn't this crown just lovely? Bow before me! It's "Majesty" not "highness"!


Queen Renee’s ghost appears as a striking woman in her 30s with red hair, a gold trimmed dress, and a dizzying array of jewelry draped across her the way some ghosts might choose chains for their fashion. She wears a crown on her head even at bedtime and is very used to getting her way.


King Arcus married queen Renee shortly after his coronation. The marriage was arranged as part of a an alliance with Illanea before the Middle Kingdom’s founding. She was primarily known during her reign as Arcus’s main weapon in any negotiations that were stalled, and was frequently called in to provoke an end to the negotiations one way or another.

In ancient legends, she was both a great healer and “warrior in words,” but she is rarely depicted in statuary or paintings, as many artists have favored the more romantic knights of Arcus’s kingdom. Legends differ on her exact origins; in some, she is depicted as a “daughter of the north”; most have extrapolated that she was the daughter of one of the rulers of IllanĂ«a.

Queen Renee's ghost

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