Smithie Warwick

A wizened smith living in Stonewatch.


Warwick stands a mere five feet tall, even when standing upright with his cane. He wears a dirty white shirt and a leather apron when in his shop and a brown poncho when venturing into town. His hair is thin but still quite dark, despite his advanced age (which must be over eighty by now).


Warwick was once the smith of Arcus III — and Arcus’s father, King Willhem VI late in life — but he was dismissed by the current king (Arcus IV) along with many other loyal retainers during the regency (since Arcus IV ascended when he was only 8 years old), turned out with only his hammer. He retired to Stone Watch twenty years ago and has lived out a quiet life, doing services for the poorer residents but occasionally forging weapons for those who present a suitable challenge.

Warwick’s skill with forging was legendary in his heyday. It was said that his swords could withstand the hardiest blows in combat, but were so light as supple as to feel like sprigs of willow. Arcus III was buried with a sword and shield forged by Warwick that was wielded in the final battles of the war with the Northmen, and at his side when the peace treaty was signed.

Although he has no magical skill, there certainly seems to be some magic in the weapons he crafts. Known only to a few, much of Warwick’s skill, or at least the faint magical qualities of his weapons, no doubt comes from the faerie contract branded into the skin on his chest. He claims to have made a deal with Oberon, King of the Faeries, when he was still very young, and it forbids him to make weapons that harm the fey.

Smithie Warwick

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