The Old Woman

What appears to be decrepit goblin woman is really a planar traveler of great power


Dressed in brown and green rags, this creature appears to be a decrepit goblin woman with jagged teeth and thin white hair. She claims to be thousands of years old and has been observed casting spells of immense power. She also seems to be very difficult to physically damage, as she has shrugged off being stabbed with a sword.


The Old Woman claims to have spent many years travelling the planes with her brother, The Tree of Wild Magic. She also claims to have, at some point, been worshiped as a minor deity by some goblins, though she does not seem particularly interested in goblins in general. She also seems to know Tallismo and claims that he is a Genie. She does not give her name but only the goblin word for her, which translates directly to “The Old Woman.”

The Old Woman also seems to perceive space and distance strangely, and has been observed to disappear and reappear at different places without a recognition that she has done so.

She also seems obsessed with providing hospitality for weaker beings she encounters, though she has manifested powerful magic when people are fighting near her. She does not seem to take sides in such conflicts but rather takes immediate steps to end the hostilities by the most expedient means possible.

The Old Woman

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