The Tree of Wild Magic

This lightning-struck tree is actually a sentient being, trapped between two planes


Though he appears to be simply the stump of an oak tree that has been struck by lightning, The Tree of Wild Magic is actually an interplanar traveler that is caught between the material and astral planes. In the astral plane, he appears as a massive, hundred-foot-tall tree, with leaves shaped like those of the dream weed.


He is the ‘brother’ of The Old Woman (according to her), and his manifestation on the material plane seems to be physically tied to her location, as he will appear in the same place as her. He claims to have been a treant, or at least a creature like them, a long time ago.

When a magic spell is cast on him in the material plane, it creates a surge of bright light and magical power, which occasionally produces an amplified effect, or even a completely different effect, similar to what some scholars describe as wild magic, and similar to an effect the party witnessed near The Dead Pines. The effect does not seem to be predictable, but it may have something to do with The Old Woman’s magic powers as well.

The Tree of Wild Magic

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