A Very Powerful Magical Essence


Obtained by some thieves in Freiburg during a daring heist, this essence is all that remains of an immensely powerful artifact known as the staff of the magi.

It is guessed that the staff was the artifact found in the northern wastelands by a pair of adventurers for a collector from Arasha. Ciulio the Collector hired Arktos and Shane to fetch a staff from a frozen cave in the northern wastes; however, in doing so, Arktos and Shane freed an ancient evil. The Staff returned with Ciulio to Arasha, but shortly thereafter, the staff, and Ciulio himself, disappeared under mysterious circumstances. Not long after, a shipment arrived secretly in Freiburg carrying a what was rumored to be a very valuable “magical” item, and when the Thieve’s Guild caught wind of it, they sent a pair of second-story men to steal the item, which turned out to be a small walnut box with a globular vial of shining liquid. Not knowing what they had, and having perhaps botched the job by killing the smugglers, the pair decided to make a better life for themselves by fleeing to the northwestern cities and selling the item there in the magic-friendly lands. Their only lead was to seek out “Mr. Baker,” which led them to Ketan, where they sold the box to Clarise Baker’s agents — our heroes.

A quick appraisal of the magical essence revealed it to be more powerful than any magic the party had yet encountered. Several powerful items could be crafted from it — or perhaps a single item nearly as powerful as the Staff it came from, if any can be fond with the power to create such an item.


A Very Powerful Magical Essence

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