Blowback's Horn

This slate-gray horn induces fear in enemies


Carved from the horn of some massive beast, this slate-gray horn seems to cause fear in the hearts of your enemies, even causing them to flee the battle. Pictographs have been carved into the side, the most prominent and skilled of which shows enemies cowering, or perhaps bowing, before a figure blowing the horn, who is standing in front of what may be an army. A series of runes identify the horn as “Blowback’s Horn,” though whether that is the name of its creator or merely a former owner is impossible to say.

When sounded, Blowback’s Horn creates a horrid, loud roaring like that of a great beast. All enemies in a 30’ radius who hear the sound must succeed on a DC 15 Will save or be shaken for 1D4+1 rounds. If an enemy of 6HD or less who is already shaken is affected by the horn’s sound, the enemy becomes frightened for 1D4+1 rounds.

Blowback’s Horn may be sounded twice per day as a standard action.

Save: DC 15, Will negates. To be affected, the enemy must be able to hear. This is a supernatural effect, but the shaken or frightened condition can be removed as normal. (The effect itself, however, cannot be counterspelled.) Creatures who are immune to fear are immune to this effect.


Blowback's Horn

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