Harry's Spell Book

A spell book obtained from the evidence locker in the Mountain Citadel


This small leather bound tome was the spellbook of a wizard of not inconsiderable power in the middle kingdom. A sorcerer who got a hold of the book apparently did not think highly of Harry’s studied approach to magic and made many cheeky comments in the margins, and frequently drew all over the spell descriptions. Consequently, many of the spells are corrupted and probably useless without further research.

Based on his spell selection, it would appear that Harry progressed from a peaceful researcher to a rather dismal fellow. Some notes later in the book strongly indicate that he was part of the Sapphire Order.

After cleaning up the book as much as possible, the following spells are decipherable:

Air Bubble
Expeditious retreat (corrupted description)
Mage Armor
Mage Hand
Reduce Person (corrupted description)

Blood Transcription
Endure elements (corrupted description)
Invisibility (corrupt description)
Obscure Object
Share Memory

Illusory Poison (corrupt description)
Gentle Repose
Ray of Exhaustion (corrupt description)
Monstrous Physique
Seek Thoughts

Animate Dead


Harry's Spell Book

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