Oberon's fire rod

This silver rod looks unassuming, but it is capable of wild and powerful magics


This rod was created by a faerie mage as a form of dubious entertainment. As is typical of faerie magic, the wielder has very little control over the effect and may find the produced effect wildly inappropriate, such as accidentally blasting a torch meant for a continual flame with a fireball. It casts an array of fire-related spells, at random from the following list as determined by a D100:

0-10: Continual Flame
11-17: Fireball (level 5)
18-23: Fire Shield
24-35: Faerie Fire
36-45: Summon Fire Beetles (as Summon Monster III)
46-58: Flaming Sphere
59-73: Produce Flame
74-85: Flame Blade
86-95: Flame Arrow
96-99: Light

The rod may be used three times per day. Regardless of the spell’s level, the DC for any saving throws is 16.

The rod may also be broken and will produce a massive explosion of fire in a 20’ radius around the wielder. The explosion does 10d6 damage (reflex save DC16 for half damage). Any object which fails its reflex save also catches fire. The rod has a hardness of 5 and 20 hit points.

Like all of Oberon’s gifts, the use of the fire rod may have a hidden cost, especially for anyone who tries to leave the Faerie realm with it.


Oberon's fire rod

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