A rapier that talks ... sometimes.


The blade of this rapier shows expert Arashan craftsmanship, dating from perhaps the 15th century. The pommel, however, is of Middle Kingdom origin and much older. The appearance overall is fairly simple, with no marks, and with a cursory glance it could easily be mistaken for a mundane sword. However, it gives off a faint conjuration aura, and has been observed to squeal with delight when pulled from its scabbard.


The party recovered the weapon from the body of Irieatis the Bard, who was crushed under a cave-in while exploring the barrows in the Dead Pines. In her journal, Irieatis indicates that the weapon was “not good company,” which seems to indicate that it may be intelligent, though the party hasn’t observed much of this behavior yet.

Otherwise, the weapon seems to function as a +1 rapier.


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