The Faerie Contract

This is a transcription of the contract branded into the chest of Smithie Warwick


The contract is written in Sylvan.


Let it be known that on this day
Oberon did grant the power of the Fae
Unto Smithie Warwick’s smithing hands
So long as they harm none from Faerie lands

His forge shall burn bright, and his blades be light
And such beauteous things his hammer beget
He will forge for thanes on the earthly plane
As long as he does heed this threat:

That cold iron will freeze and cold iron will bite
His own hands as it does the fea;
And any blades made will never see light
For they will pierce his own heart straight away

So then it’s decreed
until Oberon have the need
to call Warwick home
to the Faerie Realm
And there forge for his Lord
In service

The Faerie Contract

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