The Worlds Beyond (book)

This foul book about death was liberated from the Sapphire order in Arasha


This leather bound book contains numerous rituals, rites, and spell theory regarding the nature of death. It is written in several languages and the pages are bound with string, implying that it was consolidated from several other works. There are numerous gruesome illustrations, along with anatomical models of humanoids and monsters alike.

Among the monsters described in the book is a “construct made of the bones of a dead city,” and a theoretical method of creating or summoning such a beast. The section is convoluted at best, but it appears to be one of the only written works even discussing the beasts beyond the brief mentions in a few legends, and it was written seemingly within the past few years, making the Sapphire order a suspect in the summoning of the monsters that have begun gathering at the stone circle.


The Worlds Beyond (book)

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