The Firseid Sandbox

One of several identical letters seized by Freiburg Guards

A series of numbers, in sets of three is completely unintelligible unless you follow the code to translate using a copy of “Lady Selene of Freiburg’s Guide to the peoples and Lands of Firseid” here, for your convenience, decrypted

Dearest Mother,

So I may have gotten in a little too deep this time. As I’ve always said, the people in power are hopelessly corrupt and there is no hope of redemption among them.

On that note, I’m a wanted man in Freiburg (again) and have gone with my companions south to the town of Latani.

The trip so far has not been quiet. We fought to first blood against a group of mercenaries for their job guarding a cart, then the merchant who we were escorting lead us directly into an ambush by Harrtlunder bandits. The fool is a barely competent pipeweed merchant, and worse he had the nerve to lie to me about it.

I have been practicing my tracking skills, and stalked one of the elven bandits for a significant distance then I had the drop on him before he convinced me that he was a simple hunter stalking a deer(on the plus side, I did actually catch the deer)
about a hundred yards down the road he and his friends set up their full ambush and took us by surprise. Not that it helped them, we ended up slaying many of their number, and the rest we have taken prisoner.

I know that taking their freedom is abhorrent to the way I was raised, but leaving them free to rampage across these roads or killing them would be worse. Hopefully the people of Latani have a way of dealing with them. Also we’re being sent a sending from the head of the Middle Kingdom’s secret police. So We haven’t left that can of worms behind us yet either. hoo-ray. But it did remind me of the way you would throw your voice growing up and I realized I have not written in a while.

Anyway, if you must reach me, I’ll be checking with the keepers of any taverns or public houses for notices from you in the usual manner. I’ll send you another letter when we’ve settled on a destination again.

Much love,

In which Fleetfeet describes what she understands to be "a fracas"

Dear mumsie,

When you told me about odd upperworlder customs, I did not believe you, although my recent experiences have shown that I should have.

I really, really like all of the people who have been following me around lately except that one really skinny guy Bob, because they’re usually so nice and fun and don’t mind so much when I stop to count centipede legs, because how can you really know that they’re truly centipedes and not nonanonapedes if you don’t check? I’m sure I will find a nonanonapede eventually. So my friends have usually been great, except I think I observed an upperworlder ritual that others have described as “dickwaggling” enacted between two of my friends and some mercenary guards.

After saving Frieburg, or something, I’m still not especially clear on all the specifics but I’m pretty sure everything there is totally all right now, we decided to take part in the Mayor’s so nice invitation to make use of the well-maintained roads around the city. We were about a day’s travel headed southish towards Latani when we decided to stop in a roadside inn for some dinner and to see what other travellers had to say about the condition of the roads.

My friends decided that since we were travelling anyway, we may as well be paid to take the same route as we were already going, and had a pleasant discussion with a merchant headed in our direction. Unfortunately, this merchant already had some very large, quite impressive men guarding his caravan, so he did not see the need to change his employment system. If it were up to me, I would have thanked him for his time, bestowed Desna’s blessing, and spoken with other travellers, but my friends had other ideas and instead challenged the men to a duel, with the winners gaining the merchant’s employment.

The rules were thus: no actually killing each other. Which is good, because I don’t usually like to murder people for no reason. We all went outside the inn into a big field and stood around until the guys started running towards us. It was a tough fight, because they all had swords and stuff, and seemed to enjoy plunging them into things, which is usually quite a nice activity unless the things happen to be me and my friends. I called for Mr. Rockface while my friend Tuskyface got really big and started pummeling some of the guys. And then he fell over and it was very sad! But we ended up beating up the other guys instead, and they were really angry and pretty rude about the whole thing and left without even complimenting our sportsmanship.

So now we are going to be official caravan guards! I am very excited about this new employment opportunity. I have never guarded a caravan. I wonder what likes to eat caravans. Maybe really, really big snakes. If we fight any really really big snakes I will be sure to write you again.

With love,

There is sunshine - or at least the potential (!)

I love this party, honestly I do, but they best be relieved that we got out of that castle when we did or else I would have left them completely. Running back and forth and up and down to and fro, etc – it started to make my head spin. A million questions were constantly churning in my head: “Is this just one big nightmare?” “What would I be doing had I not been roped into this adventure?” “Why are these ghosts so STUPID?” Whatever. The point is that we weren’t getting anywhere and not only was it high time that we get out of the castle, it was also in the best interest of it’s occupants to find somewhere better to live as well. Whatever darkness we attacked and the golums that replaced it and chased us up the stairs from the crypts to run throughout the rest of the castle…well, it wasn’t something we were likely meant to extinguish. Perhaps the castle had a soul of it’s own, which clearly needed cleansing, but that’s a different story.

The best way to leave the castle was going to be be one of the passageways that led to the underground tunnels. Okay, sewers really, but it’s of no significant matter. Two main exits of which we were made aware. Some of the ghosts apparently had a plan and a place to go, where they could settle and re-group, moving on with their lives – well, I guess they weren’t really alive, but again – we’re splitting hairs. They dilly dallied around until we could practically feel the stone golums trying to bash open the doors which we had sealed shut as best we could. They were fussing about finding and wearing clothing! They were worried about getting dressed and wearing clothing and it was really strange. I guess they were hoping mundanes wouldn’t recognize or call out the undead? I hope I don’t have any ghostly encounters soon, or ever again.

It was time for us to let the ghosts do their thing and part ways for good. We retrieved Reece from the dungeon, thankfully still knocked out and wrapped tightly like a sausage so as not to escape. (For the record, I think Nester is having a bit too much fun with dragging around what might as well be a dead body, but whatever. He’s useful so I can’t say much. Maybe if I had such hatred for pretty much everything, it would put me in a little state of glee. Ugh, orcs.) Our plan of escape was through MossyFace’s garden/lair/den, because it wasn’t where the ghosts were leaving. Of course getting through the garden wasn’t a piece of cake, but it was honestly nothing compared to what else we’ve dealt with over the past few days.

So. Water is cold. I expected as much, but it was still a bit of a startling experience. Thankfully, neither Fleetfeet or I reached a point at which we were up to our ears in water, given that the rest of our party is a bit taller than either of us. Also, tunnels. Tunnels go on forever, with various twists and turns and intersections, but we were heading in the right direction towards the city and civilization. I’m not the biggest fan of cities, but anything had to be better than a castle full of undead. We stopped to rest a bit, but I have no great interest in setting myself up to be attacked from any angle and neither did anyone else, so we continued to move although we were all still weary and a bit cold.

Go figure – we hit a snag in our plans to just mosey throughout the tunnels until we came out on the end where we redeem Reece for something a bit more useful and hit a trap. One wire appeared and then another. It all became a little fuzzy after I decided I would be more useful to the party in eagle form.

And then there were meeces who wanted to capture us. I’m not really sure I want to abandon this form, even if they are afraid of me. Especially because they’re afraid of me. Especially because something just isn’t right about this. One adventure for another, I guess.

In which Fleetfeet describes how dragons can, indeed, be giant scardy-cats

Dear cousin Prudentia,

You will never guess what we found inside the big, scary crypts! Bones!

Well, I guess you could guess that. But not that they were ANIMATED AND TRIED TO KILL US.

After long last, we finally entered the dark, winding crypts. Our dragon Mossyface decided that they were a bit too dark and winding and didn’t smell like they had a lot of things to eat or add to his treasure pile, so he ran away like a big, scaly, moss-covered scardy-cat. I suggest you never try to hire a dragon to do a gnome’s job!

Then when we got inside the big, dark, winding crypt, we found that a lot of the tombs had been smashed open, and there was a big super-dark spot at the bottom, and the ghosts who were with us got all weird and stopped moving and kind of went into a ghost-coma (I did not think ghosts could do that. I am learning all SORTS of neat things about them. I think I’ll apply for my Ghostology gnome badge and should definitely get it, unless all the answers for the test are wrong on the grader’s answer key again.) and decided that they should leave. Which they then did. Away from us. Big help, there. Geez.

So we five decided to brave the big, dark, scary area by running into it and seeing what was in there. As soon as we entered the darkness event horizon, two of us got super-scared and cried and ran away. I managed to run into the middle of the bottom of the darkness and went all BAM with my channel, and nothing much happened, until two giant bone monsters popped up and were all mean and stuff! And then I got really scared and ran away too.

These bone monsters were not skeletons, but seemed more like giant animated piles of bones, that flowed and merged like boney water. And a guy in a robe appeared in the middle and was all ‘nyaaarrgh’ and stuff, and we hit him a lot! And he was another ghost, but he seemed like he was all comatose too, and kind of just puppeted around until we hit him enough that he disappeared.

In the middle of the bottom with the giant piles of bones, there was a sarcophagus, and it seemed like it might be important, so we smashed it, but nothing happened. That’s usually how you get things to stop being evil, I’ve found, so I’m confused that my usual manner of solving evil problems did not work. The big scary boney monsters slowly galumphed towards us, so we valiantly ran away from them back to the top of the windy crypty thing and closed the doors. Now I’m sure that we’re entirely, absolutely safe.

We just need to figure out what to do next, because there’s still big evil boney monsters inside and we haven’t found the fancy spellbook that the ghost king’s wizard needs to fix the afterlife-spell.

Please tell your sister Mesmeria that if I get crushed by giant boney monsters, she can definitely have my rock collection.

Hugs ‘n’ kisses,

One Last Thing Before Going To The Crypts

The continuing journal of Niowin the Seer and his exhaustive exploration of the hand-built after life of King Arcus the First and everyone he (Arcus) could talk into being dead with him.

So the plan to assault the crypts is finally ready to be set in motion. I was going to say that the plan was to be ‘sprung’ or ‘acted upon’ or some other, more ‘kinetic’ terminology, but really the plan is probably going to sit, inert and self-satisfied, like taffy left too long in a merchant’s wagon. In the summer it gets soft and forms itself to its container then winter comes and solidifies it. We’ll probably have to threaten the plan with some grievous harm to stir it at all. But I foreshadow and, according to my adventuring mentors, foreshadowing while keeping a journal is bad form.

Portho Reece has been safely stored in a cell and we all got a great night’s sleep. It was my great concern that someone would poke at Reece or let him out or something while I slept, waking me and making my efforts to desperately marshal my arcane energies for our assault on the crypt a fruitless endeavor. Thankfully nobody monkeyed with the prisoner or did calisthenics using the prisoner’s door as some kind of exercise equipment or built an unsteady pile of our gear to climb on so that they could look in on the prisoner. Just left the door shut and allowed us all to get a blessed eight hours of uninterrupted sleep. I know now why old adventurers say “sleep whenever you can” like it’s the best advice they have ever given or received.

In the morning, though, Reece was nowhere to be seen and we, having had limited experience with skilled rogues, had no idea how well he could hide (Again I foreshadow. Apologies.). Looking into Reece’s cell he was not evident. Scanning with a ‘Detect Thoughts’ spell further revealed the lack of sentient creature in the cell. Using the subtle method, we lined up outside the cell and Nester yanked the cell door open and rushed in. He fired blindly a few times and as I was dragging Nester back out (Don’t ask. It seemed like a good idea at the time but in retrospect (now as I write) it was about as dunderheaded a move as I could have made.), Reece struck, leaping out the shadows concealing the smoothly unclimbable wall above the door that he clung to night and day, barely alive and without food or water. Teetering on the verge of death itself, he struck our ranger, knocking him to the ground then subjected his body to a series of futile attacks as he ran down the hallway that the cells open to. Luckily he failed to slam shut the door at the end of the hallway as he passed through it (leaving us locked in the hallway). It almost makes up for our foolish lack of foresight that would have involved us closing and locking that door prior to opening Reece’s cell (I know that was confusing. Just go to the ‘Maps’ section of this journal, look up the ‘Dungeon’ section and all will be clear.). Luckily we were able to lightly harm Reece enough to drop him again. Before reinstalling him in his cell, I suggested that some kind of permanently disabling wound would leave Reece more manageable. Reece registered his displeasure at my suggestion before losing consciousness. We left Reece in his cell, firmly blanket wrapped and with food, water and anything else he lifted off of us during the encounter (Weapons? Healing potions? Any number of things, I’m sure.). Despite being an unpleasant person to deal with, I find myself strangely drawn to the array of skills that Reece has to call upon. I’m starting to wonder if I wouldn’t be a more capable adventurer if I were to learn some of these same skills Reece so readily calls upon. I could eventually be a capable trickster who is still able to employ the arcane arts as well. What to call myself, though..?

Now, as painful to deal with as rogues are, they are nothing compared to malfunctioning ghosts. The ghostly Arcus the 1st and his likewise ghostly retinue started to lose focus and wander off. A quick meal from Cookie set them right again but I’m not sure that it is normal for ghosts to need sustenance, even ghostly sustenance. Now we are responsible for keeping our ghosts fed in order for them to be of use.

So. The rogue’s locked up. The ghosts are fed. And with a bit of mild cajoling the dragon was convinced to go, so we set off for the crypts. Off we go. But as we approached, we see that the skeleton guards who had been set at the crypt entrance had been in some sort of conflict. With themselves. Oh joy. Fleetfeet postulates that the crypt is emanating some kind of energy (Force? Thing?) that is making the undead amongst us slowly less and less rational. The ghosts immediately dismissed the possibility and I’m afraid I didn’t give her idea the consideration it deserved.

Leaving the sternly admonished (by King Arcus) skeletons behind us we descend into the outer portion of the crypt. We were able to easily bypass all the previously discovered pitfalls until with were at the entrance of the crypt proper when our ghostly scout, Braddock, returned to the party, announcing that he had found a few swarms of flying skulls (incongruously, the flying skulls were not on fire, but I digress). A quick ‘Web’ spell from me managed to snag all the skulls and some fire did away with them.

Before us, lies the crypt itself.

There better be sunshine somewhere soon!
In which Lia gets both stir-crazy AND knocked out, for the greater good

After clearing the castle of all the dangers related toskellingtons, ghosts, goblins, etc, we finally were able to think about what we’d originally stepped into the castle to do: catch the bad guy, Reese! Due to the secret passages leaving multiple avenues for entering and leaving undetected, someone had the bright idea that we barricade entrances to the servants’ passages, so we wouldn’t allow Reese any more space to get away with doing anything else. I feel like this took forever and was boring and I just wanted to get out of the castle because I miss sunlight and green things and everyone’s getting a little stinky!

Anyway, after we blocked off half of the passageways, we turned around to systematically search every square inch of available space for Reese. He had to be somewhere just within our reach and it was getting very tedious to search, going to every room and expecting an empty room but preparing for one with Reese in it. As we came up to a corner, Fleetfeet held the lead and took a fall for it. She was shot with an arrow, but she said she couldn’t see anybody. I couldn’t believe this and though maybe it was just a blind-spot, but I soon found out that there was indeed someone there, someone named Reese, someone who was HIGHLY dangerous. I turned the corner and saw him for a split second and then everything went black. Nester tells me that he was brave and valiant and took Reese down almost singlehandedly, and that’s fine – he can tell himself that. (Fleetfeet told me that it was an Earth elemental that she suggested he cast that ultimately took down our villain. It seems that Reese had found a way to hang from the ceiling and do damage while staying safe himself. It was an easy thing for the Earth elemental, but I shudder to think what we would have done had that not been an option. I cringingly admit that I would have been happy sitting in the background waiting for the battle to be over, but NOOOOO I had to be the bait!)

At any rate, we captured Mr. Reese, after Fleetfeet swore to keep him alive enough that he would be of use to us in achieving the goals of our mission. He sits in the dungeons now, until we can safely get information out of him and move on, away from this castle. Now, I’ll just sit back and continue to hope and daydream that the sun will be out we finally escape this mess. Because seriously. It has GOT to get better from here.

In which our adventuress Fleetfeet discovers a common interest in shiny objects

Dear Cousin Hephzibah,

I hope this letter finds you well. I remember you were always interested in dragonology and Advanced Dragonomatics, so I wanted to be sure to share my recent experiences with you.

I’ve been exploring this weird now-it’s-underground-but-it-didn’t-used-to-be-and-also-there-are-ghosts castle with my new bestest friends who I met while being interrogated by the police. And you would not believe what we found on the lowest level after saving a goblin cleric from some evil undead and returning him to his goblin friends! (I apologize for saving a goblin. But they were actually much nicer than the evil ghosts.) We met a dragon!

So there was this big empty storeroom, except instead of being all empty it was full of rubble and stuff and a translucent mushroom ran away from us towards this other room behind it which had moss and a pond and a dragon named Mosseyface! Our wizard told us that he is a moss dragon. The dragon, that is, not the wizard. He wasn’t claiming to be a moss dragon himself. That would just be silly.

The moss dragon liked big shiny things. I like shiny things too. But he also liked eating goblins. That seems gross. We gave him a shiny thing to ask him to not eat goblins any more and also let them escape and then he could escape too, because after not eating goblins there wouldn’t be anything at all to eat for dragons except maybe me, but I was very opposed to that idea. My bestest friends made lots of jokes about how delicious I am to dragons, because they only ever think just the best of me and recognize my many abilities, including that of being delicious, but we managed to work ‘no gnome eating’ into the Dragon Rules as well so I think I should be okay.

We also traded another big shiny thing for a knife that the castle’s ghost cook (that is, a cook who is a ghost, not a cook who cooks ghosts, although she also does that) had been looking for with which to chop up her ghost venison (that is, venison that is a ghost). She was very happy to get it back. I like making people happy. Everybody is much nicer when they’re happy.

We also saw a little bit of a kerfluffle where this mean guy we have been chasing was running away from a goblin. We couldn’t quite catch up to him though because he is all SNEAKY and stuff and ran through these hidden stairs that lead just EVERYWHERE. We need to find this guy so that the police can interrogate him instead of nice people like my friend Fillippa about what exploded when and why and I also feel bad about the guy at the gates who let us through when he really wasn’t supposed to a few days ago and I hope he’s not in trouble and maybe bringing the bad guy back will be enough to have made his decision a good one retroactively. I don’t think he can get out of the castle though, at least not the way we came in, because it’s kinda broken.

So after the goblins leave and the dragon leaves all we need to do here is also find the spellbook for the wizard and not the fake one we found but the actual one but we don’t know where it is because the castle’s magic is crumbling and that’s sad because it’s a pretty neat place and also catch the bad guy because of all the aforementioned reasons.

I have included a sketch of the dragon for your reference:

With love,

A letter from Nesteruck Called Falsetongue
On rescuing Damsel's in Distress

Growing up, we moved frequently, often under the cover of night. One of the few consistencies I had were the stories I was told of the dashing heroes whose deeds litter the histories of this kingdom.
The realities, I have learned from painful experience, are much different from stories.
Our in depth exploration of the castle had led us to an ancient temple underneath the stones. After an inspection by the elves of the party, they discovered that there was a hidden door in the floor of the temple. Of course, with our luck the devices that controlled it were broken, so we had to physically lift the stones and descend into a shaft that, it was revealed, led directly into the crypts of Arcus I’s Castle, where we slew our way through hordes of undead and in the deepest bowels of the restless dead we found the shade of Arcus II, the tyrants even more tyranical son, whose disposition was NOT improved by his demise.
Luckily our plucky halfling cleric was able to cast a spell that made us invisible to the dead, allowing us to cross into the veritable vipers nest, rescue the damsel who was being tormented by those undead things, and nearly make out escape undetected. Unfortunately on our way out of the crypt we encountered a finally group of undead, with the help of our rescued damsel, we vanquished them and escaped the crypts. After sealing the crypt door behind us we breathed a sigh of relief now that we were free.
Just like the stories you always told, Mother. Except that our Damsel was a goblin cleric and leader of his tribe. Not what you led me to believe.

Your son,

Niowin's Log - The Exploration of Arcus the 1st's Afterlife

I was advised by my few, though trusted, adventuring mentors to keep a journal. Dates, at least. In that effort, here’s my impression of things and how they have gone so far.

So, we’ve been in King Arcus’s sunken castle for two days and I’m just starting to get used to the place. I suspect that with Telismo’s magic operating correctly it would be magnificent. Still even in its reduced state of functionality, it is a marvel.

(Note To Self: Normally extraplanar beings (Gods) kind of run afterlifes (afterlives?). I wonder if this afterlife that Telismo created kind of encroaches on territory that has traditionally been a ‘Gods Only’ thing to do. I wonder if someone is put out by this amateur afterlife?)

Anyway, we’ve been exploring and exploring. We’ve seen some wonders. The Armory and the Treasury, pocket dimensions that are accessed via the same gate. The true marvel there is the custodian of records that exists in both planes. Well, I guess it is a marvel. It does the same thing as my Handy Haversack, only with sarcasm and moany dialog. And why only one custodian for two spaces? It would probably have been easier to have one custodian per space. Oh, and it can be fooled. How annoying is that? The thing failed to realize that there are four different King Arcuses. Can’t detect lies (Maybe? Probably.). Can’t tell if what you say something is is actually that thing (I know this is confusing, but I’m making these notes for myself and I know what I mean.) in that I can check in a stick and say, “Magical Sword.” When asked what is in the spot where my stick lies, the custodian will say, “Magical Sword,” even though it is a stick. The security the custodian brings to bear is strong though. Try to break in and it attacks pretty powerfully. The easiest way to get things out of the Treasury and Armory is to ask people who have authority to remove things to give you a thing that they don’t care about. That has been very successful so far. We’ve managed to score a few magic weapons and some very nice armor by asking. We’ve discovered these things via trial and error, and I suspect my companions are growing tired of me asking non sequitur questions that are allowing me to put the pieces together. Hopefully the ‘loot’ we have scored will pacify them for a while.

Oh, and the afterlife we are exploring is falling apart, did I mention that? Maybe not falling apart so much as it is being sabotaged. In the treasury, there was a spell book with in which resides the spell that created and maintained King Arcus’s afterlife. Someone who identified themselves as King Arcus (not sure which of the four did this) took out the book and we (with Telismo) discovered that the book that was returned in it’s place is, in fact, a forgery. And not a great one at that. Certainly not magical. Not even totally written in. So now Telismo is obsessing on that, instead of trying to find his spellbook, which would make him a useful magic user again.

I have given myself the title ‘Lord Niowin’ with the skeleton guards. They seem put out with me because I called upon them to do their duty, which is to guard the castle and kill a bunch of oozes. Ah, well. What is one to do?

What else? We wanted to talk to some of the other King Arcuses that reside in the castle here (#2, I think) but we can’t find the crypts. I can’t imagine misplacing crypts… We met some goblins and bugbears. They are trapped here by I thing that Nester says translates to ‘monster’. Nice. Very generic. Bugbears calling a ‘thing’ a monster. The good news is that Reece (we suspect) has made it past the ‘monster’ and is griefing the goblins. Stealing food from the starving. How sad is that, Portho Reece? Maybe if you would ask I would feed you just to find out what is going on.

So, the the adventuring party. Things are going well. I’m not feeling a strong need to abandon anyone in a well, at least. I knew back home at the temple that my only real path to wealth and power would be via adventuring (Do I want power? Maybe just wealth and security for myself and my friends and family? Is power security? Have to think on that.). I never realized what it would take to get me there, though.

Our group up to this point:
Lia? Still a mystery. She doesn’t reveal a lot but seems dedicated to our effort.
Fleetfeet? Could we have a little more mystery? She’s very excited about, well, everything. Very clever, too. I want her touching and poking everything.
Nester? His disagreeable nature seems to be some kind of defense. Probably the result of a childhood filled with beatings and scorn. There for a bit I thought his dislike of authority was going to eventually get us killed but now I think it will just get us tossed out of any nice inn or tavern we walk into.

The Journal of Nesteruck Called Falsetongue
for the date of 2013-12-29

Two days in this sunken castle and I am now convinced that not all of us will leave this kingdom of death alive. I am committing these words to paper in the hopes that it helps you escape or destroy this place. If any of my companions make it out alive, I suspect that the elves will kill me to help secure their escape.

The Spirits that infest these halls are as useful as inebriated infants, they can barely focus on who they are and the times that they do know, they are incoherent as to what order events happened in. And those not dead, the immortal Mad Wizard Tallismo who will exchange a useful scroll of yours for a useless scroll of his own, and the magical index of the Treasury and Armory(two separate planes of existence in a single location).

Here are the notable occurrences in the last couple of days. We seem to have finally cleared the throne room of beasts and monsters. My mind still feels as though it were under a haze from the diseases I’ve been stricken with. We are searching for a spell book that belongs to Tallismo, which will restore this collapsing ruin to the eternal hierarchy that it was before.

We may have, accidentally, stolen a few items from the armory in our search, with the assistance of Tallismo. We also encountered the queen, who amongst these unpleasant wraiths, I’ve found to be second only to the singers.

Beware the singers, they wail in a way that makes them appealing to you and then drain you of your very essence.

In the depth of this place, beyond the kitchens (where you may still find giant millipedes) you will find the cowering servants, and beyond them, the cowering spirits of fallen servants. In the southern reaches of this part of the castle we discovered a contingent of goblins and Bugbears who are trapped here. They are cornered here by a beast that has driven them from the Freiburg sewers. Worse than that, at the time of my writing this their supplies are being looted by the same criminal we are here to apprehend. If you do not attack the Goblins, they will not attack you. I hope you speak Gob, who knows what they will do if you don’t.

My only hope is that the Elves die before me.

-Nesteruck Falsetongue(left under a paperweight in the office above Tellismo’s Library)


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