A Faery Scary Night

During their search for Titania, Queen of the Fae in the region of Faerie that used to be the lake that is her domain, while following some tracks made by a humanoid, the party encountered a cabin in the woods and decided to investigate. They found it to be a cozy but nicely appointed home of a hunter and decided to take a short rest.

Shortly after what might be considered the “dusk” cycle of Faerie’s eternal dawn/twighlight, the party started to hear howling in the distance, and minutes later heard the screaming of a woman. Going outside to investigate, Nester encountered a faerie woman running toward the house, dressed in a strange combination of noblewoman’s dress and the tools of a hunter.

She directed him inside the house, and the party barricaded the doors and windows. The woman introduced herself as Aeval, known to knowledgable party members as a lesser Faerie queen, and sometimes called the Huntress. She explained that her retinue and pets had been infected with the shadow that was creeping across faerie, and at night turned into faerie lycanthropes and fae (and fey?) dire wolves. She asked for their help in defending the cabin until morning, when they would return to normal, and in return she would take them to Titania’s sleeping place.

The party successfully repelled the attack on the house of Aeval, and in the morning she was true to her word. She led the party to Queen Titania and explained that in order to compel the queen to do their bidding, they need to “sacrifice something of themselves.”

“Some people leave their cherished memories of childhood. Others leave their talents or their fame.”

The party took some time to think about it …

After giving up little bits of themselves, the party requested various boons from Titania … most notably to send them out of Faerie. But not before she gave them a vial of her blood to aid in the destruction of the swarms.

A Faery Scary Night

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