Cinderpeak Dwarves

The Cinderpeak Mountains are honeycombed with Dwarven cities, which are one of the wonders of the world. With mines stretching for miles into the earth, the dwarves are the undisputed masters of this subterranean country.

Racial makeup
Dwarves 90%, gnomes 5%, other 5%. Few above-ground races are willing or able to live below with the dwarves, but some subterranean races occasionally make their home in the dwarven communities.

History, Reputation, Politics, and Society

Dwarvish history predates the written records of the elves, and the Cinderpeak dwarven city was expansive even thousands of years ago.

Dwarves do not have many enemies among the humanoid nations and are often accepted into society when they choose to travel abroad.

Their relationship with the dwarves of Wallooki is strained, however. Cinderpeak Mountain dwarves consider their Wallookian cousins to be exceptionally odd, and some dwarves do not consider the two races to be related at all, citing the lack of beards among Wallookian dwarves, because everyone knows dwarves have beards.

On a personal level, however, dwarves will be dwarves and they can strike non-dwarves as brusque or rude.

The dwarves do get along particularly well with gnomes, and when living in foreign cities the two races can often be found living and working side-by-side.


Dwarves prefer to fight close quarters with their axe or hammer, and put a premium on defensive fighting. Squads, platoons, and companies are well-organized fighting machines with outstanding discipline. Even when fighting above ground, Dwarves seem to have a knack for positioning and creating bottlenecks in a battle to put their shield wall to its best use.

Cinderpeak dwarves are also fond of their crossbows, which were a dwarven invention long before the weapon’s adoption by human cultures.


Axes are better.

Unless you’re on good terms with Grundinnar, then you can keep everyone swinging their axes.


Axes are still better, but a mechanical axe … now there’s a really good axe!

Dwarves share the gnomes’ love of machinery and tinkering, but with a far greater focus on practicality. Unlike gnomish technology, dwarven technology is never magically powered. Dwarves also tend to reserve black powder for mining use rather than battle, but alchemy has plenty of uses for healing.


Dwarves export raw ore as well as weapons and armor. The dwarven kingdom is perhaps the richest in Firseid due to the vast amount of gold and gems removed from the earth by their miners. Dwarves import most of their food stores and barley, which is used to make ale. Dwarves are also particularly fond of dark, strong ales from the Middle Kingdom with their breakfast.

Cinderpeak Dwarves

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