City of the Dead

The “City of the Dead” is the name that the Order of the Last give for the name of the city in the heart of the Great Eastern Desert. Its true name is never revealed to visitors. The walls of the city are formed from a hard, stone-like material flecked with metals that upon closer examination does not appear to be “earth,” and it is magically sealed with ancient magic requiring sacrifice, mirroring, in some ways, the magical seal at the entrance of the desert’s demi-plane itself.

The Order are the theocratic worldly leaders of the city and its scattered outlying communities as well as enforcers of their religion (which worships various gods of death). Although the many clerics, acolytes, and servants of death gods that are part of the order may come from different backgrounds, the general population has an unusually high percentage of descendants of criminals and outcasts: The desert has been used as a prison by the inhabitants of the Gateway and in centuries past by Xchal and Arasha for more powerful outcasts, such as necromancers, because the Sphinxes that guard the desert rarely allow anyone to leave.

Food and water are provided by the clerics, not just for the city dwellers but for surrounding communities, in exchange for the labor of the populace. Frequently withholding food is used as punishment, in which case the inhabitants resort to hunting the rare small animals such as foot-long lizards sometimes called “slippers.”

The city has very little contact with the outside world, and rarer still do outsiders make contact with anyone inside the city proper. This has led to severe isolationism, but also intense curiosity, among the residents and the clerics. It is difficult to say whether one would receive a warm welcome when visiting the City.


City of the Dead

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