Firseid world overview

Firseid (“Fer-see-id” in the central dialect, “Fire-seed” in the norther dialect, Calreth in Elvish, and Veldhem in continental Dwarvish) is a world composed of three continents.

The main continent Letania is home to a wide variety of cultures, races, and native flora and fauna.

The major cities are:

  • Just north of Freiburg is Lachherth, the seat of all rulers of the Middle Kingdom, and presently the seat of King Arcus IV.
  • Arasha, the capital of the Arashan Provinces, sits at the Mouth of Letania. It is a major trading and shipbuilding hub for the continent, and its wealth is unparalleled in part thanks to being directly at the confluence of goods going to and from the dwarven mines on Wallooki and in part because of the Arashan Oceanstone underwater mining operations developed in the past century.
  • IllanĂ«a, a sort of ad-hoc capital of the alliance of the Freemen of the Northern Reaches, is a human settlement that has merged into the ancient Elvish city of Anea. IllanĂ«a is the spiritual home of Letania’s druids, and Whitehart Forest surrounds and protects the city.
  • Ierani (“The Last Stronghold”) is the home of the elves, and the only large free-standing Elvish community on Letania. The outer city is open to outsiders, but the inner city is forbidden to all non-elvish races. It is ruled by The Faeking, who is said to be the first elf to walk Letania. The population of Ierani has been in decline for a millennium, and in recent decades the elvish power has been harrassed by the Harttlunders, who lead raids on elvish territory to loot and pillage — and to capture elvish children and women to keep as slaves and conscripts.
  • Harrtlund claims control over the southern city-states that also include Sudmoor, Zeegard, Ostport, and Nurtgard. Their territory extends from the Great Southern Rainforest in the south to the foothills of the Cinderpeak Mountains in the north, and abuts the Western Elvish Forest. Though two of these city-states lie on the Arashan Sea, Harrtlunders have never been a major sea power, and rely on hit-and-run piracy and small vessels to perform raids on coastal towns. Their history is complicated. The central power in Harrtlund itself has traditionally been weak, and though rulers have at times sought peace with their neighbors, an inability to control their citizen’s war-like traditions has earned them the undying enmity of the Middle Kingdom, Arashan Provinces, and elves. Harrtlund also has a weak trading history, as many of the spoils of war are kept as heirlooms and almost never traded even after a warrior has passed. (The treasury of the Huusmaster of Harrtlund is said to be one of the largest in all Letania.) It is also notable that Harrtlunders are one of the few slave-owning societies on Letania.
  • Kxal is the “Protector of the North,” a massive, sprawling confluence of the dozen or more nomadic cultures that make up the Northern Nations Alliance. Kxal is the military equal of the Middle Kingdom, with whom it has an uneasy truce after nearly 50 years of war in the late 2800s—early 2900s. Kxal is the home of the most fearsome mounted warriors on Letania, and their bow-makers are considered masters of their craft in all corners of the world. Culturally, Kxal is known for its strict code of ethics, which values stonefacedness, asceticism, meditation, and fasting as a path to spiritual enlightenment. It is speculated that Ketan was a far-flung settlement of the Kxalians. Their ability to never betray their thoughts has given rise to the proverb “I would not roll dice against a man from Khal,” usually said when a shopkeeper tries to convince you that you are getting a good deal.

A smaller continent, Wallooki lies in the center of the great ocean. It is volcanically active, with desert-like conditions inland and a vast archepellago stretching for over a thousand miles to its northwest. Because of its mountainous terrain, it’s said to be the backbone of the sea god. Its remote location means that it remains largely uninhabited by humans and elves, but a native dwarven population maintains an ancient city, Ironcast on the southern tip and exports precious metals and weapons forged in their volcanic smithies. The shipping lanes to and from Wallooki are extremely dangerous and commonly the targets of pirates that are thought to reside in the islands to the north and in the Emerald Ring off the southern coast of Firseid.

Frigea is a sparsely-populated continent far to the north. Ice floes inhibit sea faring for much of the year, and glaciers extend nearly to the southern peak of the continent, making most of the continent unexplorable. However, a few trading posts and fishing villages line the southern coast, and ice is transported to Arasha on a regular basis, “mined” from the Dragon’s Breath Ice Floe.

Underground Communities are said to honeycomb the mountain ranges of Letania, home to strange creatures and even stranger sentient species. The dwarves and gnomes of Letania make their homes in partially subterranean communities as well. There are wandering merchants who claim to have regular dealings with some more exotic communities, but no official contact is acknowledged by any of the major powers on Letania.

Magic level
Firseid is considered a medium-low magic world. There are some places where magic is quite uncommon, or where being a magic user is dangerous. Clerical magic is far less common than alchemy, and arcane magic is studied but rarely do mages reach the highest echelons of their class. In players’ terms, this makes it progressively more difficult to learn higher level spells, but low-level magic is common enough, and powerful artifacts still exist.

Technology level
Technology on Firseid is roughly equivalent to Northern European Rennaisance. Gunpowder exists but it’s dangerous (gnomes might be an exception to this) and uncommon and a handgun isn’t yet an improvement over a bow/crossbow. Telescopes exist, that sort of thing. There are also even rarer technology-magic hybrids, but these are thought to be unstable.

Deities etc.
Standard deities from Pathfinder, plus a few additions and minor gods that don’t grant clerical powers.

Firseid world overview

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