Intrigue in the Inlands

On the road eastward from Stoneswatch, the party was ambushed by a group of very skilled operatives. At first it appeared that they were trying to kill the party, but instead they captured (and fled with by teleportation) Nester.

Nester awoke in a strange tower on a mountainside north of Lacherth, where he was repeatedly interrogated by a mysterious gentleman. Although Nester was unable to glean the purpose of his interrogation, the questions seemed to have to do with the politics of the middle kingdom, and several questions were related to the party’s involvement in the attempted assassination of Mayor Ian Ashby and their subsequent capture of Portho Reece. The interrogator also made frequent insinuation of threats against Nester’s mother.

After a botched escape attempt, his interrogation was evidently cancelled, and he awoke in a dark cavern strapped to a stone slab on a long stone pier on an underground lakeWhile he managed to escape his confines and travel up an immensely long and winding path through the heart of the mountain, the rest of the party, in coming to rescue him, sailed in through a cave on Kingslake, and were attacked by a sea serpent, which almost certainly was meant to be the method of disposing of Nester. Our heroes reunited, they slew the guards on duty and made a daring escape out a window on the north side of the mountain down the sheer cliff face.

Is this a new enemy? Or is it some old grudge come back to haunt them?

Intrigue in the Inlands

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