Ketan is the capital of the Ketani monks, a semi-religious organization spread throughout Firseid. The city was built up around the monastery, which is located immediately on the coast of the Great Western Ocean.

Although the monks do not claim a nation of their own, they wield soft power throughout the continent, serving as advisers, enforcers, spies, guards, and numerous other roles for most of the kingdoms and other powerful organizations like the Scarlet Order. They are somewhat indiscriminate in their choice of allies, and their neutrality has served them well in regional power centers, but in outlying communities they are often seen as meddlesome, strange, and sometimes treated as criminals. (In parts of the middle kingdom, for instance, the monks’ dreamweed is a banned substance.)

Because the city grew up around the monastery, the monks act as the city’s military and police presence, and in return many of their day-to-day needs are taken care of. The city itself while not prosperous shouldn’t be thought of as poor, but the monks themselves seem to have little use for wealth outside of the cultural wealth created by their order and what little they need to ensure safe travel throughout the kingdom.

The Monastery itself is the main landmark in the city, a huge red-walled temple constructed in the year 1480 by Haroui-Ketan (founder of the order, and often considered a demigod by some in Fireseid). Gardens tended by the order surround the temple and grow most of the food eaten by the monks and barley used to make their famous barley wine.

Also worth visiting in the city is the Hall of Peace, a marble domed structure completed in mid 1888 as a neutral venue in which warring nations’ diplomats could meet in safety. The hall is rumored to be sealed tight against magic as well, and there are rumors among some members of the magical community that the lower levels of the building was also constructed as a prison for powerful mages, though these rumors amount to little more than conspiracy theories.



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