Latani is a small human settlement that forms the “gateway” to the Middle Kingdom from the Cinderpeak mountains and elvish lands. Its name comes from the same root as that of the continent itself (Letania) and means “heart of the world.” Despite its proximity to Harttlund, it is not considered strategically vulnerable due to the Cinderpeak Mountains and Western Elvish Forest forming geographical buffers. It is, however, a minor cultural and economic center, and popular with traders looking for goods of gnomish ( Burrowhome, one of the largest gnome communities, is less than a day’s journey to the south) or dwavish manufacture.

Latani is a peaceful community for he most part, but as there is no standing army stationed nearby, most security for the merchants is provided by privateers and mercenaries. The roads north and east are occasional stakeout targets for bandits of various stripes, so protection is advised for wealthy travelers.

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