Middle Kingdom

The Middle Kingdom is the most populous nation on Firseid, made up of the cities of Lachherth (the capital), Freiburg (its largest city), Calabret, Kingsmarch, Burshall, Covend, Ambeth, Latani, Montfort, and Knightrest.

Racial makeup

The Middle Kingdom is diverse for a human kingdom: Human (including small percentages of half-elf and half-orc) (67%), elvish (10%), dwarvish (13%), gnomish (5%), other (5%).

Terrain and climate

The climate is continental, with mild winters, hot summers, and moderate precipitation year round. Much of the land is hilly, but with good soil even at higher altitudes. The forest cover has been pushed back to the west and north by the large timber industry, but orchards provide some tree cover throughout the kingdom. Grassland not used for growing grain makes excellent pasture land for sheep.

History, Reputation, Politics, and Society

The Middle Kingdom has is a major military, cultural, and economic force on Firseid.

The Middle Kingdom is a constitutional monarchy, ruled by King Arcus IV, whose seat is at Lachherth.

The kingdom is presently at peace with all of its neighbors, but military aid is frequently provided to the Arasha against Harrtlund, and the kingdom comparatively recently was in a protracted war against the Northern Nations Alliance.

The Middle Kingdom is allied with Arasha and holds the Freemen of the Northern Reaches as a protectorate.


All natives of the Middle Kingdom are proficient in the use of the Longbow and Halberd.

The Middle Kingdom’s military focuses on strong defense first, a product of once having been surrounded by rivals.

Commoner troops are made up of spearmen (often wielding halberds) and longbowmen. The longbow can be considered the national weapon.

Professional troops are frequently knights, on foot and outfitted in heavy armor. The hilly and wooded terrain of the Middle Kingdom has never been traditionally suited to extensive mounted combat, but horseback riding is still a part of any professional officer’s training.

Magicians are employed as support troops, because magic in the Middle Kingdom tends to be more defensive in nature.

Recently the military has begun using artillery created by gnomish inventors. This is often credited with giving the Middle Kingdom the leg-up it needed to declare a truce with The Northern Nations Alliance.


Magic in the Middle Kingdom is not as rare as in Arasha or Kxal, but it is not a part of daily life for most people like it is in the western countries. There is a major wizards’ college in Freiburg, but sorcerers are few and far between. Transmutation and abjuration are by far the most common areas of study for magicians in the Middle Kingdom. And with at least four magical shops of renown, Freiburg also boasts a healthy trade in magical item creation to aid merchants, adventurers, and mercenaries.

Toliver is the court magician to Lord Mayor Ian Ashby. King Arcus IV has enthusiastically sworn off having an official court magician, but it is speculated that the Purple Guard employs several magicians.


A technical college in the gnomish neighborhood of Freiburg studies applications of mechanical and chemical devices powered by magic and natural phenomena. Because this is still a new area of science on Firseid, entry is tightly controlled and many of the experiments are commissioned by the crown or the mayor (and thus secretive in nature).


Major exports include grain (from Freiberg and Kingsmarch), iron (from the hills near Ambeth), apples and pears (grown throughout the region), sheep products (wool and meat), and timber (primarily from Covend and Lachherth). Freiburg is also a major trading hub for goods going between IllanĂ«a and Arasha. Latani, which has the largest dwarvish population of any above-ground city (due to its proximity to the Cinderpeak Dwarves enclave), also furnishes the kingdom with more exotic metals and gemstones mined from the Cinderpeak Mountains. Finally, brewers in the Middle Kingdom make excellent barley wine and spirits, which is shipped throughout the continent, with Middle Kingdom-themed taverns popping up even in far-flung places like the Northern Lighthouse Trading Post (much to the enjoyment of the sailors … and to the chagrin of the Ketani monks).

Middle Kingdom

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