The Ghost of Toll-Am-Aps

Quest status: Complete.

The party has received a tip on the whereabouts of Portho Reece from a mysterious person named “Mr Baker,” who turns out to in fact be Clarise Baker, a magician of considerable power who seems to run an organization of magic users in the middle kingdom. She provides the party with equipment and an opportunity to head off Reece at the pass, as it were, by entering the ruins of the ancient home of Arcus I, founder of the middle kingdom, only with the stipulation that they deliver Reece directly to the mayor and not to the captain of the guards as promised. The party takes her offer, though they are suspicious of her motives.

Once underground, the party finds that the magic keeping the ghosts’ afterlife functioning has begun to break down, and worse, because the entraces to the castle are magical in nature, they are trapped until they can find a mundane exit. Rather than a spectacular kingdom hidden beneath the ruins, it’s become a dark and dank hive of undead who are slowly becoming corrupted.

A frightening beast known as The Bone Swarm has awoken in the bowels of the catacombs beneath the castle, and the magic binding the ghosts and other undead to the castle breaks down — forcing them to flee into the world above for the first time in over a thousand years.

Along the way, the party also met a young Moss Dragon they nicknamed Mossy Face, and a transparent, but colorful, cast of characters from the ancient history of the middle kingdom. They also have learned a little more about Clarise Baker’s organization — the Scarlett Guard, the ancient chivalric Royal Guard of the Middle Kingdom, and defenders of the kingdom’s history and culture.

The Ghost of Toll-Am-Aps

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