Toll-Am-Aps Castle

King Arcus I’s castle, Toll-Am-Aps, lies to the northeast of Freiburg, abandoned since the capital was moved to Lachherth in 2013 during the reign of his grandson Arcus II. It is now a memorial garden surrounding a monument to the king and treated as a semi-hallowed ground. Though all are welcome to visit the park, it gets very little traffic, and the garden is maintained by a druid and herbalist name Bellina.

The castle sits atop a small hill of the same name.

There are three main parts of the castle:

The outer wall fell into disrepair centuries ago and much of it has been removed, creating a half-moon shape partially surrounding the courtyard, which is filled with wildflowers and fruit trees.

The walls of the inner castle hall remain; by modern standards the hall was not very large, perhaps the size of a particularly elaborate mansion. The roof and inner walls of the hall, however, were removed, and a statue of Arcus’s likeness dominates, surrounded by a fountain that was once believed to have healing powers and grant peace of mind to those who drank from it.

There is a third area of the castle that has been closed for many centuries: It is the castle undercroft built by dwarven allies of King Arcus in exchange for assistance in their battles with the Fire Giants in the Cinderpeak Mountains. Some legends say that the undercroft was more of the sort of palace that one might expect of a king, but other legends indicate that it was simply the burial ground of the knights of the Scarlet Guard. The druidic order that tends to the garden at Toll-Am-Aps insists that the entrance was lost in a partial collapse of the inner hall near the year 2400.

Information about the castle from the party’s adventures:
Below the ruins is the original castle, now sunken below ground. It’s inhabited by ghosts, who are apparently living out their lives as if they’re in the afterlife.

According to Clarise, Toll-Am-Aps is “a place of power,” but she didn’t elaborate on that.

Toll-Am-Aps Castle

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