Wallookian Dwarves

Though they resemble their continental cousins in stature and interest in gold and stonework, the dwarves of Wallooki exhibit many notable differences. Perhaps strangest of all is their habit of shaving their beards. This causes a great deal of confusion, especially because the dwarven women are recognizable as, well, women. First meetings between continental dwarves and Wallookian dwarves elevate quickly to shouting matches about traditions and proper dwarven behavior and end in extended bouts of drinking and massive hangovers (with hugs).

Their home is Ironcast, the above-ground part of is a port town in southwester Wallooki.

History, Reputation, Politics, and Society

Dwarvish history diverges on the origins of the Wallookian society. Cinderpeak Mountain Dwarves maintain that they were the first dwarves and that the Wallookians must have emegrated, but on Wallooki it is established history that the two clans were born separately.

Wallookian dwarves swear fealty to a king that is selected through public election. The king serves as both chief minister and military leader. The voice of every dwarf is considered valuable, but individuals are expected to work for the good of all. They tend to have a more open and welcoming view of foreigners than their continental counterparts.

Wallookian dwarves sometimes pop up as merchants in foreign cities, particularly in Arasha, where they have a trade guild. They also serve as mining advisers to the Arashans in oceanstone mining operations. However, by far the most common profession is to work in the volcanic mines beneath Wallooki, where vast wealth in the form of diamonds, ebony, and gold is extracted.

Their wealth makes them popular as allies and piracy targets; thus the dwarves offer employment opportunities for protection offered by Arashan sailors and mercenaries from other lands.


Racial trait alterations: Can Stand the Heat: Wallookian dwarves have a +2 to saves against fire spells and spell-like abilities. This feat replaces defensive training vs. giants. Additioanlly, their +1 hatred bonus applies to creatures of the “fire” subtype, rather than goblinoids and orcs.

No dwarf anywhere shies away from a fight, and the creatures wandering Wallooki’s interior and the mines below the surface are exceptionally dangerous. Wallookian Dwarves are particularly hardy against fire creatures.

Though their tactics and favorite weapons are often similar to continental dwarves (focusing primarily on defense and bottlenecking), Wallookian dwarves have a looser structure to their military organization, with tactical decisions decided by a committee made up the entire unit, rather than decisions made solely by the unit leaders.


Axes are better.

It’s nice to have that one weird uncle that can protect you from getting your eyebrows singed off in the furnaces, though.


Technology is mostly restricted to mining machinery, but the Wallookian dwarves do build particularly spectacular metal ships, which they use for transporting goods to the mainland.


Major exports are stonework, finely wrought items of precious metal, jewels, obsidian, and other items gathered through mining. Of course, dwarven-made weapons and armor are also highly prized.

Wallookian Dwarves

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