The Great Phoenix of the Desert

This immense bird seems to be made of living flame. It spreads its wings and gives vent to a musical cry as it takes to the air.


The Great Phoenix of the Desert is an ancient creature of immense power and wisdom.

Though free with its advice, the Phoenix can be cryptic at times, and it is said by the nomads whose trade routes pass by the phoenix’s haunts that it delights in riddles.


The Phoenix came to the material plane millennia ago, during the time of myths, and there are stories of it fighting evil monsters of equal power. It is briefly mentioned in the legends of King Arcus as someone the kind sought advice from, but this is a rare story.

The phoenix was freed from its prison in the city of the dead and offered advice for destroying the swarm creatures. It also gave the party knowledge of a ritual that would sever their plane from all others forever — destroying the swarm creatures and all other magical creatures, but also cutting their world off from magic for eternity.

The Great Phoenix of the Desert

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