The Road to Letani

Quest status: Active

The party makes their way south from Freiburg to the small city in the foothills of the Cinderpeak Mountains. what adventures await them on the way?

In a roadside inn, the party encounters a travelling merchant trying to reach Letani, which he says is on his regular run from Freiburg. His guards are three apparently stupid, but very tough, fighters. He is paying them fairly exorbitant rates for protection, but the roads have become increasingly dangerous and he doesn’t think they’ve done such a great job. He is willing to pay the party double if they can defeat his guards in combat. He took bets on the fight from all the bar patrons, and after the party won, they got hired on as his guards and his former guards leave into the wilderness.

The party was later ambushed by a large, exceptionally well-outfitted, experienced group of bandits, who they suspect had some idea of what the merchant was transporting. The rogues refused to talk, so the party has taken them prisoner for transport to Letani.

The Road to Letani

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